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, membership of the Australian Bush Poets Association (ABPA) is comprised of writers, performers and individuals who are interested in bush poetry and enjoy written and live stories in rhyme and metre. If you have an interest in this piece of Australian culture called Bush Poetry, you are welcome here.

The objectives of the Australian Bush Poets Association is to foster and encourage the growth of Bush Poetry in Australia. By definition, Australian Bush Poetry is metred and rhymed poetry about Australia, Australians and/or the Australian way of life.

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The ABPA keeps in touch with our members through this web-site (and forum) and our bi-monthly magazine of Bush Poetry news, events, results of written and spoken competitions as well as samples of contemporary bush poetry. Many members have books, CDs and other products. These can be advertised in the magazine. For rates, click here. The dealine for ads and other content for the magazine is the 22nd of the month preceding publication. Magazines are published at the beginning of February, April, June, August, October and December.

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Meet a Poet - The Buckholz Brothers

Feature Poet - we are introducing our wonderful poets (both performers and writers) to newcomers and to the general public by featuring a different ABPA poet on the Website each month. Poets featured will come from the entire membership and may be professionals, semi-professionals or amateurs, but each will be a worthy role model to represent the ABPA membership.


The Buckholz Brothers of Bundaberg

It is a pleasure to be able to feature our young writers. Both these talented brothers have been published in the national literary magazine ‘Free XpresSion’. Watch out for their poems in the upcoming ABPA magazines.

Alex Buckholz (age 14)

Alex Buckholz

“I began writing when I joined my school’s Kids Get Published writers’ group when I was in Year 3. Since then I have entered a variety of local and nation-wide short story and poetry competitions. I have had some of my works published in a book and have been the recipient of various recommendations and have won a number of prizes, particularly for my poems. I enjoy writing and look forward to entering the Bundaberg Bush Lantern Poetry competition each year.”

Reece Buckholz (age 12)

Reece Buckholz“I am currently in Year 6. I joined my school’s writer’s group when I was in Year 2. Over the last 4 years I have entered a variety of local and nation-wide short story and poetry competitions. I have had one of my poems published in a book and won a local short story competition when I was in Year 5. I enjoy writing poems about things I have experienced.”

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Member Achievements – John Major

The ABPA also wishes to acknowledge the achievements of members who specialise in specific areas which help to promote the cause of the ABPA and of Bush Poetry in general.

John Major

John Major

“I first became interested in Bush Poetry in the late 40’s and early 50’s when in Primary School. I memorized quite a few of Banjo’s and Henry’s. The school teacher used to get me up to say a poem to the higher grades, and I really enjoyed it. After School I used to perform a poem for a wedding, a birthday and other functions. I met Tex Morton in Rockhampton when I was a teenager, and he gave me some of his work, which I still recite.

“My first trip to Tamworth Music Festival was in 1989, and I was walking past the Imperial Hotel and I could hear someone saying Bush Poetry, so I went inside and there were 3 poets and about 20 people listening. John Phillipson came over to me and asked if I knew a poem and I said yes. He then asked me if I would recite one, so I got up and I said Tex Morton’s “The Transport Man”. I became really good friends with John and my wife Joy became really good friends with John’s wife, they were both Patchworkers.

“Although there were only about 20 people there in 1989, three years later there were 300 people there, it was just amazing how the Bush Poetry took off, and lots of people started writing modern Australian Bush Poetry. In 1994 we had a meeting at the Imperial hotel and formed “The Australian Bush Poets Association” I was at the first meeting along with 21 others. The poetry performances grew so much, and so many people came to listen to us we had to shift out to the Longyard.

“One of the first big events was The Waltzing Matilda Festival in 1995 in Winton, 100 years since Banjo Patterson wrote the poem out there. It was a great festival and still remembered by lots of people. After this event I started travelling all over Australia doing Bush Poetry Shows, however I still love going back to Winton.

“Bush Poetry has done a lot for me and taken me all over Australia. It has been a part of my life for many years.”
You can access John’s products -
PO Box 312 Mapleton Qld 4560
Telephone: (07) 5445 7701 Mobile: 0418 751 226

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Bush Poetry Clubs and Organisations

This feature is designed to share what is being done in bush poetry clubs and organisations throughout Australia.  You are invited to submit your club’s profile (through the ABPA Promotions Officer) for inclusion in this section.

Bundaberg Poets' Society Inc.

John & Sandy LeesReport from Sandy Lees

Back in 1994 some members of the Bundaberg Writer’s Club, who were interested in poetry decided to form a club to cater for such needs and became known as the “Bundy Mob”.  Along the way they became incorporated, which meant a name change, hence the Bundaberg Poets’ Society Inc. came into being and was so called to encourage different genres of poetry, e.g. rhyming bush verse and free verse.

Some members are prolific writers of verse and perform their own work while others get more enjoyment from just listening to poetry being recited, reading or performing other poet’s work.  Several members over the years have had their work published in books or produced on CD’s.

The club is very active in the community and members are asked to entertain at various functions throughout the year including Christmas break-ups, Retirement Villages, fetes, birthday parties, festivals, etc. and not always in Bundaberg.  

Some club members travel throughout Australia to competition festivals and bring home trophies.  Over the years the club has been very proud of members’ achievements at these festivals and can claim Queensland and Australian champions in the Open categories as well as the Junior categories. 

The friendship gained from the club is most satisfying, putting members in touch with people (poets) throughout Australia and sometimes from overseas.  From time to time we have people who like to follow poetry festivals call in on our club meeting afternoons as they are travelling around Australia just to get their little ‘fix’ of poetry.  

Not being content with a meeting once a month the club decided to hold a ‘Muster’ with the first one being held in 1995.  These week-end Musters are a big part of the club’s activities and have been held in July each year since 1995.  The Bundy Bush Poetry Muster, as the week-end is called these days, has gone from strength to strength and now has the reputation as being ‘one festival not to miss on the Poet’s calendar in Australia’.  Poets have come from every state in Australia to compete at these Musters with the exception of the Northern Territory so hopefully one day this will change. 

Over the years the club has hosted the Australian Bush Poetry Association’s (ABPA) Queensland Championships twice and the Australian Bush Poetry National Championship.
More Information: For more information on the Bundaberg Poets’ Society or the Bundy Muster week-end please contact Edna on 0428 574 651, Sandy on (07) 4151 4631 or Jayson on (07) 4155 0778.