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WELCOME, membership of the Australian Bush Poets Association (ABPA) is comprised of writers, performers and individuals who are interested in bush poetry and enjoy written and live stories in rhyme and metre. If you have an interest in this piece of Australian culture called Bush Poetry, you are welcome here.

The objectives of the Australian Bush Poets Association is to foster and encourage the growth of Bush Poetry in Australia. By definition, Australian Bush Poetry is metred and rhymed poetry about Australia, Australians and/or the Australian way of life.

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Vale Kevin Dean

the late Kevin Dean A long-time member of the North Pine Bush Poets, Kevin Dean departed this life on 10th July.

G’bye Kev, we often fought like Kilkenny Cats, over not very important things. Don’t ask me why we just did. Pig-headed I suppose, fixed in our ways. I always tried to look at the big picture while you would be driven by detail, still that’s where the Devil lives.

The only thing we ever agreed on, was I think, we weren’t into religion and you stuck to that to the end, even when you were really crook, good on you. Mate, we’re going to miss you, and your insistence that poetry doesn’t have to be funny to be entertaining. We know that! But people would much rather laugh than cry, if given the choice.

See I’m still arguing with you, but it’s healthy to not be surrounded by like-minded people. You were good for our Club’s health.

You starred in many, many commercials, the odd movie, a frustrated leading man, if ever we saw one.

The fact that you and Billy McClure alone built the Snowy Mountain Scheme, has never been properly recognised and that is a pity.

the late Kevin Dean You performed your serious poetry with great passion, but when you did wander into the world of fun, you were tentative and that made it all the funnier.

You brought entertainment to many, and this is a good thing.

Those who knew you, admired the work and effort you gave to our genre.

Goodbye and thank you Kevin, our thoughts and love go out to Rita, David and Katrina for the times we shared. The Bush Poetry World is the poorer for your passing.

You will be missed Kevin, and we can’t ask for much more than that. 

John Best on behalf of The North Pine Bush Poets Group.

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Festival Action

Camooweal Drovers' Camp Festival, Queensland

The Camooweal Drovers Camp Festival was held on the weekend 23rd-25th August 2019.  The festival was very well attended.  The crowds were a considerable increase on 2018 with a line-up of performers led by Tom Maxwell, Laura Downing, John O’Dea, Tim Sheed, Christine Middleton, Bruce Lavender, Neville Anderson and Jack Drake.

At 7.30am on Sunday, the Poets Breakfast kicked off with Jack Drake MC, ably assisted by a number of poets including Noel Bull, Bill & Meg Gordon, Tim Sheed, Stumpy Adams and others.

The winning poem in the Bronze Spur written poetry competition was read to the crowd at the end of the breakfast with first place going to Irene Dalgety Timpone of Atherton, North Queensland for her wonderful poem Soldier Number Five (full results here).

The Drovers Camp Talent Search was well patronised and judged by Tim Sheed and Christine Middleton. 

The overall feel of the meeting was festive and it was good to see nearly thirty of the old drovers still in attendance.  

Our best wishes go to Larry Robinson from Dubbo who, after performing in the Bush Poetry Competition, was injured, in a freak accident in the Bronco Branding competition.

Tim Sheed.

2019 Camooweal Drovers Camp Talent Awards

Camooweal Drovers' Camp Festival

Left to right: Christine Middleton (judge), Ellen Finlay (organiser), Michael Cameron, Meg Gordon, Bill Gordon, Buddy Thomson, Lynne Bennett, Alan Fairbanks, Tim Sheed (judge).