© T.E. Piggott

Winner, 2018 Bronze Spur Award, The Drovers’ Camp, Camooweal, Qld.

Do you think I cannot see your tears or hear your sobs at night
when the pain of loss stabs at you, though you try your best to fight?
As the years pass slowly by my love you struggle on somehow,
for the pain has not diminished, but you hide it better now.

You are stronger than I’ll ever be; of that there is no doubt,
and you have the strength to hide your thoughts when others are about.
But I’ve seen you fighting back your tears in moments of despair,
when you’re haunted by a memory, that’s still so hard to bear.

As we sit here by the dying coals I wonder how you cope;
could it be this peaceful solitude that offers you new hope?
For the outback seems to touch the souls of those whose hearts still bleed
and it brings a kind of peacefulness, to all who are in need.

Yet your sense of loss stays with you still, and will in years ahead,
for acceptance has come slowly even as your tears were shed.
So despite the time already passed your heart still weeps today
and the torment will continue on, no matter what some say.

You have learnt to somehow shut the world out, should the need arise
and your tears are shed in private out of sight of prying eyes.
For there is no magic cure here; only time may bring relief
and although you know I love you I’m still shielded from your grief.

Just the mention of his name now, brings back visions of that day,
when you had to stand there helpless as your son’s life slipped away.
You were praying for a miracle – but knowing there’d be none
and you sensed your days of heartache had then only just begun.

Then your hopes were dashed forever when the final moments came,
as you held him in your arms, and whispered one last time his name.
Nothing can prepare a mother for a moment such as this
and your heart was breaking for him as you gave that final kiss.

For a time your life seemed pointless, even though your friends were there
and although they treated you with kindness – grief is hard to share.
Then the outback seemed to beckon reaching out to you once more,
with the promise you’d find peace there like you always had before.

I had wondered at the wisdom in deciding to come back,
yet you yearned to touch the red earth far away from any track.
There to find again the peace of mind, for which you long had strived
and I sensed your spirits rising from the moment we arrived.

Though sad memories still lingered, days then months just seemed to fly,
as the magic of the outback had reached out to you and I.
We were searching there for nuggets though we didn’t really care,
whether gold was found or not, reward enough, just being there.

As we sit here hand in hand beneath an outback starry sky,
I can sense you are relaxing more each day that passes by.
Though the future’s not yet written for this woman I adore,
for a moment she’s the happy lass she always was before.

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