© Ellis Campbell, 2008

Winner 2008, Upper Murray Arts Festival, Corryong Victoria.

Beyond the Murray River—that divides two wondrous states–
lies Corryong, a township where the bush scene dominates.
There horsemanship is cherished and the Bush Verse really thrives,
its characters immortalised in tales of hero’s lives.

As Smoky’s song of old Khancoban sparked a rover’s dream,
the same applies to Corryong beyond the Murray’s stream.
Its beauty and its splendour bring a tear to tourist’s eyes–
the locals proudly tell you that it’s Heaven in disguise.

A town of famous horsemen—well renowned for daring feats,
their exploits glorified by all in pubs on southern streets.
Forever brumbies roamed the heights of Kosciusko Park–
a symbol of our heritage to light adventure’s spark.  

The cattle grazed those snow-capped ranges safe in winter’s clime–
today this practice is taboo—such action classed as crime.
The horses and the cattle were a picturesque array–
with scenery magnificent that took your breath away.

The Man From Snowy River—Banjo’s verse that still survives–
is irrevocably instilled in Corryong’s archives.
They claim the verse’s origin and say The Man lived here–
Jack Riley’s name is treasured as that gallant mountaineer.

Well steeped in pioneering pride the horsemen loved the chase
amidst the Snowy Mountain’s tops—a very special place.
This is the legacy today that Corryong maintains–
the spirit of the mountain men is pulsing through its veins.

And poets like the Banjo still recall those yesteryears–
put pen to paper eagerly to vaunt the pioneers.
Roll back those visions bittersweet, enshrouded in the past–
hail Corryong forever in the role they’ve proudly cast.

A heritage of magnitude relived in Corryong–
a pioneering pride entrenched in culture ever strong.
May it survive forever and its passion never die–
a township quite unique that sprawls beneath the southern sky.

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