Digging Snow

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Stephen Whiteside
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Digging Snow

Post by Stephen Whiteside » Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:05 am

Digging Snow

When it’s soft as talcum powder, and it’s three feet deep, or four,
And it’s only early August, and we’re sure to get some more;
When my limbs are moving strongly, and my rhythm starts to flow,
And the sun shines in a cloudless sky, I really dig the snow.

In Canada, the snow falls thick in city and in town.
It soon becomes a wretched pest that really gets them down;
When they have to clear the driveway if there’s somewhere they must go,
They grab a mighty shovel, and they really dig the snow.

When my holiday is over, and I’m heading home once more,
I might find there lies before me quite an irksome little chore;
If the snow has fallen steadily all week, then I will know,
My car will be well buried, and I’ll soon be digging snow!

© Stephen Whiteside 26.08.2018
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Stephen Whiteside, Australian Poet and Writer

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