Results of 2021 Dusty Swag Awards

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Results of 2021 Dusty Swag Awards

Post by Shelley Hansen » Tue Jan 26, 2021 12:06 pm

Received from Christine Middleton ...

Congratulations to the Australia Day Winners of the Dusty Swag Awards 2020 for Poetry and Short Story Written Competiton. The Winning Poems & Short Stories will be published in the ABPA Magazine, ABPA Facebook Page and e-Muse Newsletter over the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who entered the Dusty Swag Awards 2020...over 200 entries were received. Thanks also to the Judges Brenda-Joy Pritchard (QLD) and Terry Piggott (WA)

Category 1: Adult Poetry
Peter O’Shaughnessy, First Prize, “Sounds of the Desert Night”
Irene Timpone, Second Prize, “Consequence of War”
Tom McIlveen, Highly Commended, “Old Man Drought”

Category 2: Adult Short Story
Irene Timpone, First Prize, “For Auld Lang Syne”
Brian Howley, Second Prize, “Rain Dreaming”
Diane Kolomeitz, Highly Commended, “A Matter of Time”

Category 3: Junior (Primary 7-9 yrs) Poetry
Umaima Qureshi, First Prize, “Australian Bush”
Max Colvin, Second Prize, “Australia”
Sriarush Madtav Sastram, Highly Commended, “Harmony with Nature”

Category 4: Junior (Primary 7-9 yrs) Short Story
Eleanor O’Brien, First Prize, “Skip”
Matilda Rose Boaden, Second Prize, “Blowie Sandwich”
Samual Jordan, Highly Commended, “The Race”

Category 5: Junior (Primary 10-12 yrs) Poetry
Bella Cunningham, First Prize, “The Australian Outback”
Ehan Ali, Second Prize, “By the Beach”
Ehan Ali, Highly Commended, “Blue”

Category 6: Junior (Primary 10-12 yrs) Short Story
April Rose, First Prize, “Unforgiving Red”
Juliette Phillips, Second Prize, “Orange Flames”
Ratin Poursaeed, Highly Commended, “The Fires”

Category 7: Senior (Secondary) Poetry
Rehan Qaium, First Place, “Once There Was a Time”
Tessa Quinlan, Second Place, “Black Rain Falling”
Devmika Bogahapitiya, Highly Commended, “The Golden Treasure

Category 8: Senior (Secondary) Short Story
Ananya Nair, First Place, “Suburbia”

Christine Middleton
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