Results of 2020 Toolangi CJ Dennis Written Poetry Competition

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Results of 2020 Toolangi CJ Dennis Written Poetry Competition

Post by Shelley Hansen » Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:08 pm

Received from Jan Williams and Sharon Keogh of the CJ Dennis Society ...


Category 1: Open Poetry
Shelley Hansen, First Prize, My Singing Garden
Brenda Joy, Second Prize, In a Mangrove World
David Campbell, Third Prize, The Lesson We Must Learn
Brenda Joy, Highly Commended, Deluge of The Plains

Category 2: Open Short Story
Shelley Hansen, First Prize, No Flies on The Sentimental Bloke
Gwen Pascoe, Second Prize, The Jogger
Bill Bean, Third Prize, There Was Once

Category 3: Poems Written by Adults for Children
Shelley Hansen, First Prize, School at Home
Brenda Joy, Second Prize, Hanging Out
Caz Goodwin, Third Prize, Feeling Sick
Susan Hancy, Highly Commended, Possum Problems
Kevin Pye, Highly Commended, Just Imagine

Category 3: Poems Written by Adults for Children as Judged by the Poonindie Community Learning Centre
Carolyn Foreman, First Prize, Taking the Shortcut to School
Di Scotte, Second Prize, Fright Night
Sharon S. Rushton, Third Prize,The Woods at Night

Category 4: Primary School Students
Taesha Korsten, First Prize, Seasons
Shria Shah, Second Prize, Flames of The Forest
Eleni Quinn Chapman, Third Prize, CJ Dennis in the 21st Century
Chloe Lee, Highly Commended, The First Human
Nelson Whippy, Highly Commended, First Love

Category 5: Secondary School Students
Natalie Barr, First Prize, Brush Strokes
Natalie Barr, Second Prize, Letter for The Earth
Tessa Quinlan, Third Prize, Black Rain Falling

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