Results of 2020 Adelaide Plains Open Poetry Competition

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Results of 2020 Adelaide Plains Open Poetry Competition

Post by Shelley Hansen » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:46 am

This annual competition is not restricted to bush poetry - but is open to all genres. However, there are some familiar names in the following results. The competition theme was "Vision". Congratulations to David Campbell, Jim Kent and Peter O'Shaughnessy.

Adelaide Plains Poets Poetry Competition 2020 - VISION

Judge's Report

I read the 88 entries in our competition looking for the most imaginative connection with the theme, “Vision”. There were many excellent poems submitted, however there were some which presented a broad vision capable of a universal application rather than simply a graphic description of a person or place.

First Place: Outside, Looking In - David Campbell

I have awarded first place to this poem, because it presented a powerful image of first nation peoples as if looking through a window at a more privileged class. This image conveys a strong message about our own land and is also applicable to the indigenous people of many lands.

Second Place: Sentinels of Stone - Jim Kent

This is an excellent rhyming poem which uses the image of one of the many war memorial monuments seen across our nation. It conveys deep feelings for the sufferings of those who have served in the armed services, giving a graphic vision of warfare and its aftermath for the foot soldier.

Third Place: A Vision of Hell - Peter O’Shaughnessy

Another rhyming poem which uses the metaphor of a dragon to convey the terror of an approaching forest fire. In fact, a number of effective metaphors add to the drama and the feelings of the person viewing a catastrophic blaze.

Highly Commended: Seer - Shaine Melrose

This poem takes the reader deep into the emotions of a suffering child whose feelings and hoped for release are well described. It is very relevant to our present-day society.


I found it difficult to separate the following four poems, which are listed below, but not in any order of merit.

Breaksea Light - Janice Wiliams

In the villanelle form, this poem uses the Breaksea Light as an effective anchor point and conveys the sense of dislocation felt by soldiers setting out for battlefields far away.

Reading Between the Lines - Kerry Harte

The first three verses are brought into sharp focus in the conclusion. The ending brings the reader to a very real present-day issue.

Water Journey - Janice Wiliams

This vision of life is well described. I particularly appreciated the positive note on which the poem concluded.

Octopus Eyes - Gordon McPherson

An intriguing picture of a much-maligned sea creature which brings the reader to a telling appraisal of human nature.

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