Results of 2020 Eastwood/Hills FAW Boree Log Award

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Results of 2020 Eastwood/Hills FAW Boree Log Award

Post by Shelley Hansen » Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:05 pm

Received from the Competition Organisers ...

We are very pleased to congratulate the following 2020 Category Winners and place-getters


1st Winner - Heart of Australia - Brenda Joy
H.C. - The Wild One - Tom McIlveen
H.C. - Carved to Memory - Brenda Joy
Com. - A Bitter Harvest - Tom McIlveen
Com. - Hard to Watch - Kevin Pye


Once more it was a privilege to judge this year’s Boree Log Award.

There were many fine entries this year making the charge difficult to find an overall winner. Most presentations were thoughtful and well constructed expressing humour and deeply emotional experiences with narratives on early Australian life in the bush.

One extremely well-crafted poem reminded the reader of the Australia we need to hold on to and remember.

It is critical that the structure of the verse is maintained throughout the poem. Some ballads began well, only to fade in areas due to a lack of attention to retain a consistent rhythmic pattern. Also critical is the selection of rhymes – they must always be relevant to the meaning of the message in the line. It is not good enough to choose a word with a vague, meaningless connection simply because it rhymes.

Thank you for your entries. It is always a pleasure to read such a diversity of thought and subject matter when faced with the task of judging.

Brian Beesley

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