Brisbane Exhibition Results 2022

Event Organisers can post Results here, with a reminder to also forward any results to the Admin for posting on the Main ABPA page.
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Bob Pacey
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Brisbane Exhibition Results 2022

Post by Bob Pacey » Fri Aug 12, 2022 1:58 pm

1 - Ekka Open - Established Poem
6 Bradfield, Amy Do You Think That I Do Not Know - Henry Lawson First
3 Pulsford, Andrew Rain from Nowhere by Murray Hartin Second
12 Berryman, Debby How McDougal Topped the Score. Third
2 Pulsford, Andrew Greenhand Rouseabout Fourth
4 O'Brien, Paddy DELHI written by Tom McILveen Fifth
2 - Ekka Open - Original Poem
20 Pulsford, Andrew He Goes Missing First
35 Berryman, Debby Possum's Peril Second
33 Pulsford, Andrew Amongst the Wattle and the Sticks Third
19 Geange, Justin The Post Fourth
34 Frazer, Peter "Too many flaming choices !" Fifth
24 Geange, Justin The Ekka Fifth
3 - Ekka Open - Caravanning Queensland
46 Frazer, Peter "Diamond Lill " First
42 Pulsford, Andrew The Grey Nomad Shuffle Second
76 O'Brien, Paddy Wide Dusty Road Third
39 Kettle, Robert Retirement Fourth
40 Alston, Brian The Galah Fifth
45 Wincen, Paul Caravanners Creed Fifth
4 - Ekka Student Performer - 12 years and under
48 Kumar, Diya CWA Bake off Disaster by Kym Eitel First
50 Betty, Imogen My Family Second
5 - Ekka Student Performer - 13 years and under 18 years old
51 Finger, Dustin Gordan The Goat by Marco Gliori First
52 Finger, Tamzin The roo and the blue Second
6 - Ekka Virtual Performer - Open
63 Pacey, Bob The View From Room 7 First
55 Cosgrove, Jim Lightning Second
67 Tallnash, Rhonda Bushfire Man Third
53 Allitt, Alex The Breakers Tale by Veronica Weal Highly Commended
64 Pacey, Bob The Aussie Highly Commended
56 Cosgrove, Jim The Spirit of the ANZACs Commended
7 - Ekka Virtual Performer - 18 years and under
73 Kehoe, Marceline The Pineapple Poem by Doug Macleod First
69 Betty, Imogen My Family Second
70 Betty, Imogen The Mountain Road by Enid Durham Third
72 Finger, Tamzin There’s only the two of us here Highly Commended
71 Finger, Dustin The Hog Whisperer Commended
74 Liljegren, Isla A day on the life on a farm. Commended
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Re: Brisbane Exhibition Results 2022

Post by Terry » Sat Aug 13, 2022 2:17 pm

Good on you Bob

See quite a few names I know there including yours mate.

You're missed here at homework Bob.

Cheers Mate


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Shelley Hansen
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Re: Brisbane Exhibition Results 2022

Post by Shelley Hansen » Sun Aug 14, 2022 5:10 pm

Hi Bob

Thanks so much for posting these results. Hearty congratulations to you and the other winners. Good to see you continuing your winning streak!

Lovely to see you back on the Forum - please know that you are welcome here anytime.

Shelley Hansen
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