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Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 3:12 pm
by Maureen K Clifford
Here's a yarn in time for Easter :lol:

BUNNY PHLUFF .. Maureen Clifford © The #ScribblyBark Poet

Amber had spent the best part of the morning waxing Magnolia....typical that she would leave everything to the last minute and THEN decide that she needed a wax and spray tan BEFORE she went on her cruise. She was such a ditzy blonde you wondered if she even knew what day it was half the time, but young Ted had fallen for her.

That bloke had stars in his eyes. Amber had seen him in the pub with his mates. Moon eyed over the busty blonde behind the bar serving the beers. A picture of love he was...silly young fool. Copped a lot of chiacking from his mates but he didn’t seem to worried by it, guess when you are built like a brick outhouse no one is really going to pick on you with any serious intent. He played footy with most of them and they knew his strength – hadn’t really woken up to the fact that Magnolia was his weakness though, although the girls in the town could see it coming.

Ted wasn’t the brightest spark on the block, but he was good hearted and amiable, generous to a fault, would give you the shirt off his back in an instant. Always treated the old girls well....they used to flirt with him outrageously and he took it all as good fun. Used to call them all ‘my Darling’ which sent them off in paroxysms of laughter, old hands shaking so much that they almost lost the froth off their beer. He was a favourite with the old ladies all right was Ted.

Of course Magnolia was right onto him – here was a young bloke, easy on the eye, living on one of the biggest properties in the district and unattached. Amber had seen them on her way to work one morning having breakfast at Murphy’s cafe. She had stopped to look at the window display. Impossibly green plastic grass with little nests full of Easter eggs and tiny yellow feathered chicks. The whole display festooned with dusty daffodil garlands, and mummified blowflies which somewhat detracted from the effect Murphy was trying to achieve. But there large as life were Ted and Magnolia holding hands across the table. It was so early she thought Ted must have left home before sun up for his assignation – but then of course the penny dropped....not bloody likely, he must have spent the night in town.

And so now they were going off on a cruise together. Three weeks Magnolia had said. Cost a bomb but Ted had offered to take her and she had always wanted to go on a cruise. She was so excited about it. She had bought a whole new wardrobe, well Ted had bought it for her actually, cocktail dresses and everything – they never had Cocktail Parties in Nindigully but on the cruise ship they did.

Amber did her best to look riveted by this conversation, but all the while she was thinking how Ted was going to be a duck out of water at this shindig. Dressing up for Ted was a clean pair of Moleskins, his R. M Boots and his best Akubra and she’d never seen him drink anything but beer – couldn’t imagine him drinking cocktails, but stranger things have happened. She just hoped he didn’t get hurt. He was too nice a bloke for that, but he was naive when it came to women, especially those of Magnolias calibre....God she’d chew him up and spit him out.

Amber had heard all about Magnolia. There was the old fellow at Mungindi that she was seen with. Passed away real sudden – bit of a shock to the whole town apparently seeing as he was always hale and hearty. Rumour had it that he had left his house to some young piece, but of course it was just a rumour, you know how these small towns are. And the fellow at St George, he left town not long after Magnolia did. Rumour had it they were having an affair and his wife cottoned on to it and all hell broke loose. And then there were those young blokes that were always hanging around her like bees round a honey pot. The workers from out at the Alton and Yellow Bank Creek oil fields always had plenty of money to splash around, and nothing to spend it on out here other than booze and Magnolia. She liked a good time. Never short of suitors, but didn’t seem to have much staying power, flitted around the place a bit. Amber had her own thoughts about that, but Ted was such an innocent. He thought his Magnolia was like the flower – pristine and sweet. Amber knew better.

She suspected Magnolia was out hunting – not for Easter eggs but for Bunnies and she had Ted in her sights.


Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:45 pm
by Shelley Hansen
Mmm - the plot thickens, Maureen! Will there be a sequel???


Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:52 pm
by Maureen K Clifford
Perhaps there will be - one never knows :lol: