A Fishy Tale

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A Fishy Tale

Post by thestoryteller » Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:43 pm


In April 1997 I had the privilege of my Dad's company on a tour of Western Queensland as we worked our way to the 1997 Waltzing Matilda Festival at Winton.

Our first stop was at Charleville where we spent the weekend with our fellow minded Charleville Bush Balladeers. We had a big weekend performing at various venues and were so busy we failed to notice, until very late Saturday night, our tucker box had run low. To make it worse it was an unusually cold night, but Dad having grown up in Charleville remembered as a kid how they always caught a feed of yellowbelly in the Warrego River running by the town.

"We can slip down early in the morning and wet a line," pipes up Dad. "We're sure to catch a feed."
He seemed to have forgotten though that yellowbelly bite best really early in the morning and the one thing my Dad hated was getting out of his swag too early, especially when it's cold.

The Kookaburras woke me about five and I threw a few hints to Dad that it was time to go down and try our luck. Obviously feeling the cold he showed no sign of interest and grunted,
"I'll come down later."
Giving him up as a lost cause I ventured on my own down to the Warrego and began organising a few worms.

An hour later I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Dad all rugged up and sliding down the bank of the river to join me. His eyes lit up and a smile came upon his dial when he noticed two good size yellowbelly lying on the bank beside me.

"Looks like they're biting lad," he whispered, "Better give me a few worms."
After organizing some bait, he worked his way down the bank some fifty yards and threw a line in.

About half an hour passed and I could see he was getting a bit toey as he hadn't even had a bite. In the meantime I'd caught two more good sized fish and he was giving me dagger-like stares. Suddenly he began to rise and started walking towards me.

"Hell, looks like the old fella's about to chuck a wobbly", I thought to myself as he approached to where I was sitting.
"How come you're catching all the fish lad?" he questioned, "We're both using the same bait aren't we?"
I replied,
"Ymomumvme Gmomttma kmememp tmhme wmomrms wmamrm."
"What was that?" he asked again, looking rather puzzled at my muffled reply.
"Ymomumvme Gmomttma kmememp tmhme wmomrms wmamrm." I once again replied.
"What the heck are you mumbling about lad? I can't understand a word your saying."
Finally spitting out the contents of my mouth I replied,
"You've gotta keep the worms warm!"
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