It's Bloody Hot

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Re: It's Bloody Hot

Post by Bob Pacey » Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:18 pm


The sweat is rolling down my back and I am feeling really really slack,
I could go out and hose the yard and get a little cool.
I've now been up since 4 ya know and things are moving pretty slow -
I might just stroll down to the pub or local swimming pool.

The dogs are lying in the shade - those bloody mongrels have it made,
the sandpit's full of water if they want to take a dip.
My fans are working up a sweat but still no cooler does it get -
I think if this continues I might have to flaming strip.

I'm sympathising with your plight - I wouldn't want to see that sight,
if you were young and female though then that might change my mind.
But if it had to come to that, I'd wear dark glasses and a hat
or else I'd have to swear to God that he might strike me blind!

What can one do? We must survive – despite this awful sapping heat
How did explorers of this land cope back in days of yore?
There were no pubs with ice cold beer, and cooling breezes nowhere near
and tender pommie skins just burnt – turning them red and raw.

You’ll boast of this in years to come, ridicule claims then made by some.
Now back in fourteen that was hot, you’ll proudly tell the whinging mob.
Then brag about how tough we were back in those days you still prefer.
Despite it being hotter then we still pressed on and did our job.

Yes it’s hot but spare a thought for all the kids at school.
Summer months with no air con. Bloody hell that’s cruel.
Thirty sweating farting bodies melting on their desks.
Bejayzus that brings back a childhood’s memories grotesque.

There’s a photo in my family of Great Grandpa on a horse.
As Victorian garb dictated, three piece suit with stock, of course.
Bowler hat completes the outfit, fob watch in the proper spot.
Would have been in Summer school break – who cares if it’s hot or not?

Judy Boyd

Who bloody cares ? I bloody do I tell ya it's no joke
It's melted all me push bike tyres and warped near every spoke.
I tried to make an ice cold drink but the bloody tap is rusted
someone has stolen all me ice, these bastards can't be trusted.


You can’t drink Beer that’s warm you know
least ways not in Australia
you’ll have to head off to the pub
the beer there’s cold. They’ll save ya


Oh Mausie no one here drinks beer it only rots ya guts
anyone who knocks a Bundy back is flaming bloody nuts.
I'm gonna sit there in the tub its no good walking far
I've had three cans of Heinz baked beans so now I've got a spa.


Your going troppo mate, blowing bubbles out your date
If you feeling hot in winter, wait till summer comes along.
You’ll just sit there in your undies, while knocking back the Bundies
While the spa just sits there broken and emitting quite a pong.

I've got a tube that runs out from the outlet to the tub
and all the gas goes out there whenever I eat grub.
I've connected up a turbine that runs when gas goes through
so I've got natural gas power every time I nearly poooooo

The purpose in life is to have fun.
After you grasp that everything else seems insignificant !!!

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