Crickets at my Window

Australian poetry written especially for children of all ages including pre-school children.
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Crickets at my Window

Post by Cropduster » Sun May 17, 2015 1:17 am


There a chirpy chirpy crickets
at my window in the night,
making chirpy chirpy noises,
but when I turn on the light
they refuse to keep on chirping
when they hear somebody come -
even when I try to sneak up
they all quickly stop their hum.

There are chirpy chirpy crickets
At my window in the dark
I think chirpy chirpy crickets
keep on chirping for a lark
They are chirpy chirpy teasers
They all keep me wide awake
I just need to get some sleep in
before work, for goodness sake.

Copyright © Allan Cropper February 2015

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