Australian poetry written especially for children of all ages including pre-school children.
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Post by Cropduster » Tue May 05, 2015 7:35 am


Oh, no!
I have to go.
The teacher gets cross if I'm late - don't you know.
If I'm not there when she's calling the roll
She makes me wait and stand out in the hall.

Oh, my!
I have to fly
The teacher gets terse if I'm late - don't know why.
If I'm not there when the lesson begins
She keeps me back when the final bell rings

Oh, gosh!
I have to rush.
The teacher gets miffed if I'm late - I must dash
If I'm not there at the start of the class
Teacher will give me another late pass

Oh, gee
I have to flee
The teacher gets mad if I'm late - don't you see
If I'm not there when she walks in the room
She'll tell my parents, and that will spell doom

No matter how angry my teacher can get
My mum and my dad will be worse, I will bet.

Copyright c) Allan Cropper May 2015

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