zibar dragons

Australian poetry written especially for children of all ages including pre-school children.
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william williams

zibar dragons

Post by william williams » Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:14 pm

please give an honest opinion of this tale

The Zibar Dragons

Once upon a time high up in the mountains in a hidden valley known as Dragon valley lived a number of Dragon families now these were very quiet and peaceful families not like their relatives that you see in other story books who fought with the knights of olden times, these were peaceful Dragons why they even had a famous Dragon called Puff the magic Dragon and they even made up a song all about him., maybe you have even heard that song. Now did you know that he had a cousin named?
Happy Harry.
Now this young dragon would not do what his mother would tell him and one day he fell into a bath of hot water scalding his face, which made his face very twisted and frightening.
When others came to visit the dragon family he would go and hide so he would not frighten them.
Because he did this he became very shy.
One day Happy Harry left his home to hide in the caves very high in the mountains so as not to be a trouble to his family.
But when his parents found he had gone they searched everywhere for him but he was no where to be found because Happy Harry had crept in this deep dark cave. Quietly creeping further and further inside until he came to a branch in the cave he turned to the left and went quietly on.
He came to some more branches where he sat down on a stone and ate his small lunch that he had brought with him.
He curled up and fell asleep dreaming of his brothers and sisters.
All of a sudden he woke up where am I he cried trying to look around but he could not see for the cave was very, very dark and he became very frightened and started to cry.
Don’t cry a kind little voice said, for if you do so will I.
For crying makes me frightened and I don’t wish to be scared.
But I am lost said Happy Harry.
You see I have run away from home. And I don’t know my way home. I am scared. Please I won’t to go home.
Let us sit here for a while, the kind little voice said.
Where are you he cried, I’m sitting right beside you silly.
He gently put out his hand to the left, but no one was there.
He gently put his hand out to the right and there she was.
Oh he gave a big sigh of relief there is someone here.
What shall we talk about. Happy Harry said, I know he thought and he turned to her and asked how do you think that we will be able to get out of these caves.
That’s easy silly she said I should not say this but I am blind and can not see.
But how will it help us for if you can not see to find your way out how will we
Oh yes I can for I know the inside of these caves well for I feel my way around. Oh said Happy Harry.
You see I was born blind and when I was young I did not want any one to see me because I could not see them so I ran away and hid in these caves.
Well said Happy Harry. I fell into a bath of boiling water when I was young I got very nasty scars all over my face and it happened because I did not take any notice of what my mother told me. Don’t play near the water she said but I did?
Now I hide because I frighten people just like you are frightened of people that you cannot see.
She placed her hand upon his shoulders and sliding them around and up his long neck till she came to his face.
But you, you are a dragon she said. Yes I know, but please don’t be scared for I will never hurt you. She thought for a minute and she believed him for she was not frightened not one little bit.
She cuddled into him and he put his arm around her just to comfort her. I am not frightened any more as he slid his hand up her long neck to her face but you are a dragon too he replied.
Am I she said. You remember I am blind so I would not know what you looked like but you let me feel your face and it is like mine. I am sorry how badly you have been scared but your voice is kind and that’s what matters most.
Now I know that I will not run away and hide for my scars are not the real me.
Let me take you out of these caves she said, for while I am near you I will not be scared.
Now if your Daddy should get a little dragon please give him all the love you can find for he will not hurt you.
He can only give love you in return.

May all your dreams of dragons be kind to you because

You have just read the story about the Zibar Dragons.

Written By Bill Williams ©
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Re: zibar dragons

Post by Maureen K Clifford » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:37 pm

That's a lovely story Bill - nicely done and a nice little moral as well - fix up the spelling errors want not wont- and punctuation " & " where you have used speech and I think you have a winner. I like it.
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Re: zibar dragons

Post by alongtimegone » Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:59 am

Well done Bill. I enjoyed reading your dragon tale.

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