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Post by ALANM » Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:02 pm

(By Alan McCosker written 0ctober 2019)

We know about gallipoli and the western front
tobruk …korea…vietnam, afghanistan …iraq
each war has had it’s heroes, every battle shed their blood
as did the young men of Kokoda, that selfless brotherhood

Back in nineteen forty two australia was in danger
the rising sun was reaching out all over south east asia
the steep and muddy mountains of new guineas vast highlands
were all that stood between them and the conquest of our land

Across the Owen Stanleys was the way they had to come
the sea had been denied them those battles we had won
part time soldiers held the line ‘gainst a battle hardened foe
and the courage that they showed we will revere forever more

Driving rain and chilling cold, malaria….. clinging mud
raging fevers painful wounds their blood spilled in the sod
time and again they held the line while slowly pulling back
’til at last they halted, then fresh troops pushed the enemy back

Those unsung bloody heroes who died there on the track
those unsung bloody heroes who survived and made it back
those fuzzy wuzzy angels, who hauled supplies up to the track
those fuzzy wuzzy angels, who then carried the wounded back
we all owe to them our freedom, we all owe them such a debt
we should honour and remember them, we never should forget

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