Rum by Gum

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Rum by Gum

Post by ALANM » Thu Dec 24, 2020 3:33 pm

Rum by Gum
(by Alan McCosker December 2020)

Rum, by gum, it’s my favourite tipple
no other spirit can tempt me to sipple.
I’ll walk past a Bourbon a Brandy or Whisky
to get to the Rum, then tipple ‘till tipsy.

A hot toddy of Rum, taken just a’fore bed
will help you to sleep and clear the fog from your head.
But a warning be there, keep it strictly to one
or you might tipple ’til tipsy and get quite undone.

Rum was once used as a bartering currency
by the Rum Corps, in the New South Wales colony
Imported and portioned, Rum was used for trading
with the useful side benefit of surreptitious tippling.

There was Beenleigh Dark Rum, in the corrugated bottle
made from boiled boxing gloves, drink ‘fore going to battle.
Then there’s Cap’n Morgan, a Rum named for old Henry,
fiery and powerful and quite fancied in the Navy.

Diggers drink Rum with milk, on Anzac day morn’s
a dawn breakfast tradition, born of the wars.
Con-densed milk the best, for it’s sugary content
keeps your energy up, for a big day long contest.

Don Facundo’s Bacardí from Santiago de Cuba
with lime juice and sugar it makes a Daiquiri.
It’s his namesake Bacardi, the rum of the bat
too many of them will knock you down flat.

You’ve heard of the Kraken, a notorious beast
on drunken sailors and ships it would joyously feast.
Kraken Black, Spiced Rum, is rich black and smooth
from the floor of the ocean like a Kraken’s ink ooze.

Mount Gay Rum from Barbados, claims it’s the oldest
the first Rum distilled and claims it’s the mostest.
But it’s too sweet for me, smells like rotten fruit
cost way too much and tastes smoky to boot .

There are Rums from all over, from many a country
the best under the sun, Bundaberg O P Bundy.
It’s smooth and it’s rich and don’t cost a motzer
sip it straight from the mug, then follow with water.

Have I missed any out, well let me tell you
I’ve been tippling all day and haven’t a clue.
But as sure as there is, a little green apple
Rum, by gum, it’s my favourite tipple.

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Re: Rum by Gum

Post by Shelley Hansen » Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:14 pm

Sounds like a rum deal to me!! :lol:

Have to agree - Bundy is the best.
Shelley Hansen
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