Judge's choice

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william williams

Judge's choice

Post by william williams » Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:15 pm

The judges choice

Old spinster Henrietta who’s good looks had a losing fight with the rear end of a south bound monkey and lost was nearing the end of her child bearing years and was very sorry that she had not been wed so she planned to do some thing about it,

Well it was just ten minutes later when old Harry the drover, a likely batchelor candidate was riding along the back of her place so her plan was quickly put in place and enticed Harry over to her place to seduce him and Harry! Like most bachelors almost fell for the tricks of the trade as the saying goes. But, he managed to avoid the trap.
With that a very furious Henrietta shouted at old Harry that she could be pregnant and would see him in court.
Now old Harry was arrested and stood up in the dock. The judge asked.
“How do you plea Harry”? “Not guilty your honour!”
“Well then you will hear the case about you, then you may give your version.”

Miss Henrietta was first to say what had transpired.

“Well! Mister Harry the drover rode up along the fence and we were talking when he suggested we go inside for a cup of tea. It was then that I became mesmerised with his talking and became quite amiable when all of a sudden I found myself lying down on the ground with my dress up and my unmentionables removed. The shock was some thing very uncomfortable to think that I maybe have been deflowered and lost my honour in that abused that way.”
“Yes my dear” frowned the judge “I am sure it would be distressing.”

“Right” said the judge.

“ Now Harry, you now have the right to tell your side of this problem.”

“Too flaming right Y’ore Honour an it ain’t like she says.”

“This is what happened in me own bloody words”

“It was like this. I was riding along when Henrietta came hobbling out from the dunny
running like a hobbled horse with her nickers down round her ankles hollering she’s had been bitten by a snake”! “So I stops me horse jumps the fence an runs over to her. I say’s where you been bitten”?
With that she knelt down puts her head on the ground an threw her dress up her back leaving her bum exposed to the world an pointing to her rear end.”
“There!” she said, pointing to her backside. “Can’t ya see an feel wat’s wrong”.
“Well I feels me way around real gentle and looks real carefully an I sees no bite marks nothing at all. But out the side of me eye I spots this carpet snake that just came out the dunny and they don’t bite so I gets the message real quick she’s having me on.”
“So I slaps her on the arse throws a bucket of water over her an jumps up saying it’ll be all right an goes on me way”.
“Can yah tell me Judge what else could a man do”?

Well the judge thought about the case for a minute, looked at Henrietta then bought
down his verdict.

“Case dismissed.” “A mans right to freedom must be upheld when in doubt“!

Bill Williams


Re: Judge's choice

Post by Rimeriter » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:16 pm

"Thanks" Bill.

More than one interesting tail in that story.

I wonder where Henrietta once lived ?

We may have met !!

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