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Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:38 pm
by Maureen K Clifford
:lol: Going through my files in an attempt to establish some order and I came across this :? a 2009 response from my early days in ABPA when obviously something I wrote stirred us some ire with some members. At the time, Andy was the admin of the page .... however seems I lied because not only do I still do free verse but OMG I write Haikus as well :lol: I can grovel with the best of them :roll:

THE BAD SEED ... Maureen Clifford ©

I really did do my homework...I wrote a verse on seed
and posted it and everything but alas, 'twas a bad deed.
Because I made an error, for I wrote it in free verse
and seems that some on this site are to that quite adverse.

So Andy pushed and shoved it and found it a home somewhere
and wrote me very nicely to say it was still there.
It's alright Andy don't be scared..there is no hissy fit
I was just experimenting and have decided that it
is really not my thing at all, much prefer words that rhyme
Just had a stab at something new to try to fill my time.
But found free verse is hard to use, there's no room for the dogs,
much less the sheep, horses and goats, and God forbid the hogs.

So I am back to normal, please don't be cranky with me.
My thoughts were somewhat like a weed and and rampant you'll agree...
But I will be a good seed now and grow the way I should.
My tendrils sticking close to home, as all good crawlers should.