(drought) what else is left.

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Duncan Williams
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(drought) what else is left.

Post by Duncan Williams » Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:12 pm

What else is left.

Out through my door i gaze about,
A dry and cracked old western drought,
In spite of all,we will see it through,
What else is left for us to do.
The drovers pass with mobs that creep,
Tired weary cattle an flocks of sheep,
The dry old days without an end,
A hope in time the rains they send.
To attend the stock to get them feed,
The cars pass by at amazing speed.
But in spite it all, we'll see it through,
What else is left, for us to do.
Seen some droughts in a bushman"s face,
In days gone by - in a distant place,
The dams are dry, the plains are bare,
Will folks in Canberra know or care.?
I've never had much and lucks not mine,
Rain must come in a length of time.
The emus lay by the water less hole,
Our Australian emblem - poor old soul.
The diggers fought for our country true,
It's pull together and see it through.
I've never had much and lucks not mine
Rain must come in a length of time.

Duncan Williams. ( 2018 )

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Re: (drought) what else is left.

Post by Shelley » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:51 pm

Sadly, so true, Duncan. The rural scenes, especially in central and western NSW, are pitiful at the moment, aren't they?

Shelley Hansen
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Maureen K Clifford
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Re: (drought) what else is left.

Post by Maureen K Clifford » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:52 pm

Well said Duncan - and most farmers will just keep on keeping on because there is no other alternative open to them. Droughts just rip the guts out of communities, and their strength relies on holding on together. It always rains at the end of a drought so let us pray for rain
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Re: (drought) what else is left.

Post by r.magnay » Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:51 am

Sadly droughts are a part of rural life, I remember the '67 drought, which I have heard this one compared to, it was pretty bad where we were, but then in '68 we had a bumper!
While I am not a fan of many politicians, I don't think blaming them or chastising them for what is going on is a very fair way of addressing things, they can't make it rain either!
As soon as things get tough these days, everyone is looking at someone to blame or hold accountable, city people and politicians are well aware of what is going on in this day and age, who cares is another argument but I believe most people do.
I see Bunnings are having a charity BBQ to raise money for the farmers, I also saw somewhere this morning that lamb prices have broken all records somewhere in Australia, people are quick to call on the government to help, which by the way they are, as long as the people who are calling on them are also prepared to put a bit in.
I grew up on the land but chose not to pursue that lifestyle,......it can get pretty tough in business too!

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Re: (drought) what else is left.

Post by Terry » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:33 pm

G/day Duncan

Having seen a few droughts over the years myself I can sympathise with those suffering the hardships that come with drought.

Cheers Terry

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