those were the days

Share your recollections of days gone by....before they fade from our collective memories and are lost forever.
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william williams

those were the days

Post by william williams » Tue Aug 28, 2012 5:16 pm

Do you remember the sharp crunching sound when you bit into a carrot that you had just picked in the garden or the sweet smell of the molasses when you gave it to the cow.

Or the soft tender feel of her flanks when you pushed your head into her side as you milked her.

To hear your mother quietly scolding your sister, or your father working at the anvil forging shoes for the horses.

The galahs loudly calling to one another chicken clucking as they foraged around the place farm dogs barking, colourful finches and parrots flitting from shrub to shrub, crows cawing in the background.

The ting of the bell when you wound the milk separator at the right speed.

Walking in the rain or in the heat on the way to school, those were the days when life was full with thing to do and see, like magpies that swooped you because the year before you climbed their tree and robbed their nest what a memory those birds had.

Or taking dads lunch out in the paddock to him as he ploughed the field and knowing full well that you would be doing that in the years to come golden memories that we tend to forget until later in life when we slow down, stop and think.


And no I am not yelling like some of you loudly claim I am just
making a statement.

Bill Williams

Neville Briggs
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Re: those were the days

Post by Neville Briggs » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:05 am

I wasn't brought up on a farm Bill, so I can't relate to most of those. I do remember walking in the heat and rain to school, about 2 kilometres from the railway station it was, at both ends of the journey. It gave you a lot of time to think.
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william williams

Re: those were the days

Post by william williams » Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:17 pm

And now we travel on just a year or two and see just how much things did change.

But the years they come and the seasons go and we get older, gee time fly's when I was 15 things changed just like my voice did and my thoughts (girls ?) and the way we did things like I now had to mow the lawn with a new modern Victa motor mower. And mum got a washing machine it was called a lightning a washer in the top half and SPIN drier at the bottom the wonders of modern life an electric iron replaced the old pump up kero one and the one's before that you heated on the combustion stove. The bath chip heater had a heart attack so whoopee dad got a new briquette hot water service that supplied hot water to the sink, laundry tubs, bath and basin. The old wind up gramophone became outed by a new HMV record player much to the disgust of the old Astor radio which stayed with us for many years as we listened to Biggles, Superman Guess What, mums favourite Blue Hills and When a Girl Marries. We did our home work then of to bed and snuggled down into our kapok mattress those were the days when life was great.

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Re: those were the days

Post by r.magnay » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:12 pm

I reckon life is still great Bill! I just hope we have a bit more of it left to go yet! I can relate to most of what you write, being raised in the bush, I just want to know when that slowing down bit that you mentioned starts happening?....maybe I'll find out after Xmas!

william williams

Re: those were the days

Post by william williams » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:07 pm

but still this world keeps changeing

Well the answer to that one Ross you will find out soon enough when you (RETIRE) when you move into your house down the coast until then good luck mate.

But back we go looking at how things have changed over the years. 1955 started my apprenticeship hell 5 years more of learning but in actual fact 4 years when I finished schooling and the boss retired then.

But the changes that came about in those four years from a rural scene to a city scene like Melbourne with its high buildings 7 storeys high, busy streets and Traffic lights everywhere.

Trams. And Trains that ran every 1/2 hour and electric Kelvinator refrigerator and AWA TV had arrived, though only black a white with the Mickey mouse club and that gorgeous sweet heart Annette Funachelo 6 o'clock rock Swallows Juniors to watch.

The news with Eric Pearce and Graham Kennedys in Melbourne tonight. The Olympic Games. Cars that had indicating lights instead of Hand signals, now more wet hands out the window when it rains.

Normal radios in cars. and you don't beat your cakes by hand use a Mixmaster instead that was the catch cry for women, no more concrete laundry tubs with wringer on the middle stainless steel tubs instead and a hover washing machine and life was easier with a vacuum cleaner and an electric toaster and electric jug what more would civilized people want but more is to come in this changing world.

Bill the old battler

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Re: those were the days

Post by Zondrae » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:00 pm


You missed scrubbing the kitchen floor with sandsoap and a stiff brush. While I didn't have to do this at home (we had lino) I was 'allowed' to scrub at my Aunty Tesse's when I stayed there. And when she put wax on the hallway floor she would give us an old pair of Uncle Clyde's socks and we would skate up and down the floor to bring up the shine.
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