A Tribute To Slim.

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Bob Pacey
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A Tribute To Slim.

Post by Bob Pacey » Thu May 30, 2013 5:36 am

Still scrolling through old files have posted the audio before a couple of years back.


Well I sat in silent shock mate
it had to be the bleakest day
when the early news came to me
that Slim Dusty passed away.

You know I'd never even met the man
but to me he'll always rate
and when the news came of his passing
I felt like I'd lost a mate.

I only know when Slim sang country
my heart would swell with pride
I felt that I was in the outback
with Slim sitting at my side.

He could capture every essence
of what each Aussie held so dear
to be "A Ringer From The Top End"
sit in a "Pub That Had No Beer".

Just close your eyes you'll still see "Trumby"
or dream of truck "Lights On The Hill"
and when someone says "G'day G'day"
I know he'll be there with us still.

He told of "Texas Jack" and "Sweeny"
and had a beer with "Duncan" in a song
Now he's out there in the long yard
but his memory lingers on.

He said he was the" The Biggest Disappointment"
but its a song I hold so dear
and every time they play " Where Country is"
I'll shed a silent tear.

And those " The Plains of Peppimenarti"
will always echo to the sounds
of Slim singing of that country
where the kangaroo still bounds.

He gave so much to so many
put heart and soul in every song
I know that some where in the outback
that " Fire Of Gidgee Coal" burns strong.

He was a real Australian icon
who could share a beer, a song or joke
singing of the places and the people
a fair dinkum real nice bloke.

And he'll never be forgotten mate
cause I know what he'll do
he'll form a brand new band in heaven
with the angels singing country too.

So grab your boots and swag Slim
and that old guitar that sounds so great
as you go waltzing with Matlida
fair well, good luck old mate.

Bob Pacey
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Re: A Tribute To Slim.

Post by alongtimegone » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:43 am

Just had a listen Bob. Nice work.

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