My lost place - My Country

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Maureen K Clifford
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My lost place - My Country

Post by Maureen K Clifford » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:00 pm

Hope you might like this one - it starts off with a story - true of course - and finishes with my Poem Images.

Once again it is too big to download here - I have had no success compressing it so if you are interested and would like to hear it you can do so through this link to my other site which allows a bit more space for video and audio clips. ... my-country

But grab a coffee first and then sit back, relax and listen to the beautiful music and a presentation of which I confess to being rather chuffed. I am hoping that this might be picked up for an ABC Radio National program as it is in a project I am leading with that aim in mind. So if any of you mob want to join in it - it is the City Blood to Country Mud project on Pool.

You would all be very welcome


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