VALE Mary Hodgson

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VALE Mary Hodgson

Post by Brenda Joy » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:57 pm

From Long John Best.

Vale Mary Hodgson.
They love the lilt of language,
They’ve a gift, they entertain,
They have blazed the tracks we travel,
They may not appear again.

It behoves us, we ‘come lately’s’
To this Bush Poetry game,
To recognise these treasures,
Dignify them with a name.

A Living Treasure.

And Mary Hodgson was definitely one of these.
As a writer and performer, she was pretty senior when we first encountered her. But it was obvious from day one, that this was a Lady of Passion, and a great passion she had, not only for life but for Bush Poetry and the heritage of this land. She took out the Intermediate Championship at our Festival in 2007 at the age of 86. At the time she was in a Bush Band, played Tennis and went Ball Room Dancing. There was no stopping the Lady. She contributed to the North Pine Bush Poets Administration wherever possible, for many years by assisting with the running of the written competition. She travelled widely to compete and to encourage many of us on our way.
Only downside I ever found to Mary was her driving skills. I think I wound up riding in her car once, and that was once too many. Absolute Terror. Her profound deafness prevented her hearing her engine revs, which caused some problems. Funniest thing I ever saw was behind the stage at Old Petrie Town, with one rear wheel on the bitumen and the other in water on the grass. Loudly revving as she went to take off, then her wheels gripped and a 10foot Roostertail headed skywards as she fishtailed up the 5KPH road and out of sight. Nil problemo to the Grand old Lady.
Mary Hodgson the maid of Mooloolah, on behalf of not only The North Pine Poets, but all poets and lovers of poetry everywhere, we are so grateful to have shared your company, for such a long time. Lovely Lady rest in Peace and we will remember you.
John Best.
Sing HU to open your heart.

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