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Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:46 am
by william williams
Believe it or not is the question

Now I don’t care If you believe me or not but there were strange thing happening around our district in those days you see we lived out near Mareeba in the years of 1954 till 1978
Dad was a rabbit trapper and a Shearer and mom well she looked after us kids 12 to be precise
We may have been a little rough around the edges but we could spell and read and do our sums so all in all we weren’t to bad and all of us we knew how to work and save a quid
Now Ron, me older brother by one year and I would trap rabbits and sell the skins for a for a bob a lb and as there were twelve skins to the lb it worked out to be one penny each skin. On a good week we’d get up to half a quid or ten bob for the week when we sold the odd fresh rabbits around town.
But about that time strange things happened around the district Jones paddock of wheat had strange patterns were made in the paddock. Strange lights were seen in the surrounding district along with funny sounds like whirring and chirping now it has got to be aliens.
Now you say I’m a fibber well, if I could take a photo of my youngest brother you would see what I mean. For it was strange how he now looked for he now had long ears and a very hairy back, and big feet. And the bottle of Rum that Ronny and I drank came from dad's cupboard


Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:59 am
by Neville Briggs
You sure it wasn't the funny mushrooms you found in the paddock.