some charter trip

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william williams

some charter trip

Post by william williams » Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:15 pm

Some Charter Trip

Okay of we go into the warm wide blue ocean or so they something like that in the movies.

“Bull.” “It is 5-30 in the morning and freezing cold, the sea looked about as cold as the last kiss a divorcee gave her husband, and it looks as nice as the rear view of a baboon heading south.”

“Truth is if the council graded the roads that smooth you would sack them, there were more hollows and hilltops in that ocean than you could imagine.”
“Mind you that was only the view in the Harbor.”

“Nothing was going to worry us fearless landlubbers we were going fishing my ruddy oath.”

Well the skipper informed us it may be a bit lumpy out side, “she’ll be all right” said Harry our spokes man who, I’m sure was still flaming full from the night before at the caravan park.
“We may have had a few too many drinks as when I cleaned up.” “There were several empty whisky and wine bottles and 3 dozen long neck beer bottles,” “ mind you there were 6 of us."

We put our gear on board. “Wow this boat it was so big 40ft long and boy did it have plenty of room you could a held a dance on the deck area”

“Two of our boys stood at the bow, you know that pointy end at the front of the boat.”

“Anyway they stood and as we came to the entrance to the harbor the boat promptly put its nose down under the top of the wave.”
“You should a seen those chaps they was as wet as shags on a rock what with all that water dripping off them everywhere.”

“Behind the wheelhouse you should have seen them try and get changed you know leave their wet underwear on but dry tops and pants.” “Every time they tried to put their foot in the leg of their trousers the boat would give a jerk and shudder, throwing them every which way but up.” “They finally succeeded much to our amusement.”

“By this time we had traveled a fair way out to sea and had just cleared the headland allowing the southerly sea to greet us.”

“This boat we charted was a very clean boat why every second wave it would drop its bow down and let the water wash over its deck, not a bad idea that, as it saves the deckie having to do it.”

“I looked over to the side just in time to see Harry (alias) the chukka having a big spit. (vomit )” “I think that is what you call it, any way I said to Harry, are you a bit weak in the stomach Harry.” “No.” he said I could chuck it just as far as anyone else can.” And he continued on with his Technicolor yawn.

Behind the wheelhouse of the boat the boy’s were hiding from the spray. “There was Les, who normally was as sun tanned as you can get.” “Either Les had just seen a ghost or something as he was as white as a sheet and kept muttering something about the skipper must change gears on the motor to get over that mountain,” I think he was referring to the size of the next waves.

Looking behind me there was Ron. “He was a harmless hulk of a fellow.” “He was holding onto the mast of the boat. He must have been trying to pull it out of its socket as he had such a strong grip on it that I am sure he left his fingerprints stuck in the timber of the mast.”

I made my way forward to the wheelhouse, what with water running along the deck and everyone was getting wet and uncomfortable.
I had a talk to the skipper and asked him “What did he think.” “In his own words he thought it may be a bit rough to go fishing so I suggested that we might as well go home as nobody seemed capable of speaking up for them selves.”

“Half an hour later we were tied up at the dock.” “Where all the men climbed up on to the wharf, then they huddled together and became very religious for they were thanking God that they were back on shore again.”

“You know anybody would have thought it was rough the way those blokes carried on.”

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Re: some charter trip

Post by Maureen K Clifford » Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:11 am

I've been out in weather like that on my ex's Swiftcraft - it was no picnic and I have never set foot on a boat since and hopefully never will again unless it is on an inland river system.
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Re: some charter trip

Post by Terry » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:19 pm

G/day Bill,
You should have stuck to trout fishing mate (on the bank) no waves there.

You're a pretty generous sort of a bloke Bill, most Boaties I know would keep fishing and leave their mates to suffer.

I'm off to Harvey Dam for a season opening Barbie and a few drinks tomorrow Then on Monday I'll put a chair near the waters edge and hope something swims past.

Cheers Terry

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