the saga of the enema

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william williams

the saga of the enema

Post by william williams » Tue May 20, 2014 10:19 am

The saga of the enema

He was all choked up and I don’t mean by emotions mind you the lack of a motion might be more to the point in short, he was constipated poor fella anyway. He told the doctor of his problem and so the doc shipped him off to the other doctor at that little bush hospital down the track you know what there like.
It’s a long building with very wide verandas all around covered with fly wire just to keep things out
Well Adrian the orderly read the report and promptly asked Colin to strip of and get into this funny looking white gown and don’t forget he said you must put it on back to front and tie it up down the back
Now off into that room over there you go and get ready and I will go get the doctor.
From then on poor Colin he ran into trouble you see he was a rather shy and very bashful sort of a chap who lived in a house along with his three spinster sisters who were several years older than him resulting in the fact that he was not very conversed with the ways of the outside world.
He stripped, and then he placed on the gown back to front as he was told too.
But he had problems doing up the tapes the pair at the nape of his neck was not too bad and the ones at his hips was not to bad either, but the ones in the middle of his back they created a bit of a problem he could not do them up to well, but the worst was yet to come.
Some person with a rather warped sense of humour had failed to put on anymore tapes for him to do up and modesty did not prevail for his bottom kept protruding out now matter how much he tried that darn gown as it was called was always gapping quite wide he imagined.
At last the doctor arrived and he seemed and looked, little worse for wear after spending the night celebrating the end of the football seasons party that was held last night.
Well there he stood wearing that dull red rubber apron and armed with that vile evil looking length of black rubber hose with a funnel on one end.
What are you going to do with that asked Colin, oh nothing much was the reply just I insert it in your rectum.
Oh no your not said Colin, just because me sisters are lesbian you’re not making me into a poofter and promptly turned towards his clothes bent over and lifted one leg to place it in his trousers when wham bam thank you mam in shot that black hose like a rat up a drain pipe and then Colin, he past out.
Now should anybody mention an enema in front of Colin he goes a ghostly shade of white

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