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william williams


Post by william williams » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:41 pm

He’s Now Waiting
It was years ago when the old chap that I had meet told me something about his life.

It’s me yah see. I’m sitting here and I’m 85 years of age with no schooling an I’ve only learnt to read an write me name and do some sums cause I had to know them things but that was later. Years later as a matter of fact after I learnt to be a drover an a rabbit trapper, cause that’s how I made a quid in them days, that was until I bought this place out here by the river that had a few acres an what they called rubbish country mallee scrub, it was what they called a block in them days.
An do you know how big that is, its six hundred an forty acres an yah know how much that covers it covers one whole square mile. Struth I thought to myself when I bought this place I could now buy a cow or two an some sheep of me own an maybe get married if I was lucky. An I was lucky, an I got a good un.
Now she weren’t much to look at but she was me mate an she was a good un an she worked right along side me until she had our three kids an even then she’d do her bit to help me if she could.
Yah see, we soon got some chooks an grew some veggie’s. An the missus and me we planted some fruit trees an grew some orange trees an grape vines an the extra that we grew we sold in the town an I caught an sold some fish an trapped some rabbits and sold some milk an cream to.
All in all I suppose we made a quid but I’m telling you, we raised our kids right. An they went to school where they learnt to read an write and do their sums, an it was them that taught me an the missus how to read and write an do our sums.
They was good kids our kids for there were three of them. There’s Sally who was the oldest then Bob an Mary an she was the youngest an the roughest toughest tom boy that ever was, but they was good kids and they loved the missus, an they was always helping her, an doing things for her, now I come to think about it, they was always doing things for both of us.
That was until the girls got married and moved away from here, still they often come back home to see us, when ever they gets the chance.
Except young Bob an he’s now forty five an it ain’t been long since he got married.
Just on twelve months ago I think it was. But now yah see he’s bought the block next door it’s one with white house on it just so he could be near me an the missus an see that we was alright.
Yah know something he said. I still miss the missus, even though she passed away six months ago and now all I’ve got is me dog an chooks, but it’s lonely out here, but I told me kids I ain’t moving from here. Well, not until they buried me I said.
Mind you we had some pretty stiff arguments about it the kids an me, but I won in the end and now, here am I once more, sitting at me favourite spot by the river where me and the missus loved to sit in the cool of the evening watching the sun go down, an waiting for a fish or two to bite, but now! all that’s here now is my memories.

I paid my respect to him then I left But I never forgot the old fellow.


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