it's been raining

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william williams

it's been raining

Post by william williams » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:14 pm

It’s been Raining

Have you never smelt the Gidgee?
when it blooms along the ridge.
Have you smelt its lemon fragrance?
so gentle, soft and clean.

Have you ever smelt the mallee scrub?
after rain has travelled on.
Yes I have, but I guess you haven’t
or you’d know just what I mean.

Why to travel in that country
just to see its sights and sounds.
To watch, the rains come falling down
that quickly wets the ground.

Just to see those plants, all start to grow
it’s wondrous to behold.
The dust now gone, the air is clean
but the best of all is up ahead.

That’s where you’ll see the difference
of the country

, when it’s coming to its best.
From a dusty bowl of depression
soon to wear its coloured jewelled vest,

That’s crisp and clean, it’s something
that I am sure you would agree.
But there are things, that you can do
as you stand, and look in awe.

Just take a deep, almighty breath
and smell the perfume
Of the wild flowers,
out along the outback track

Written by Bill Williams 19 June 2007 ©

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