It takes all sorts.

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Bob Pacey
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It takes all sorts.

Post by Bob Pacey » Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:23 am

True story. Zondrae Wayne will love this .

Went fishing at a local beach and a woman came up to me and said do you know much about fishing ??

Depends on what you want to know I replied.

Well these lure thingos are they any good ?

yes I said but it really depends on what you are targeting, like soft plastics are better for some species whilst rattling lures for others and different colours work better as well.

Have you caught many fish on them? she asked.

Yes I answered everything from barra , bream ,flathead trevelly and queenfish.

Well she said, I been useing this one for ages and got nothing, she than produced a very nice barra lure in bright gold,

That should work I said they are pretty popular.

Well you may as well keep it she said it is no good to me cause it is so hard to get the bait on all those little hooks ?????

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

She was deadly serious so I explained how a lure is used trying not to laugh and she had a good enough sense of humour to have a laugh at herself as well.

Anyway I've got a new lure for my troubles.

The purpose in life is to have fun.
After you grasp that everything else seems insignificant !!!

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