Flammin Dust Storm

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william williams

Flammin Dust Storm

Post by william williams » Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:42 pm

A dust storm ©

It’s a miracle he don’t kill me, about her washing all covered in grey dust,

But I can’t say that I can blame her, that rotten flaming stuff.

Why it gets all in your bedding and its murder in your crutch,

You’ll stand and scratch for hours.

Tis something I don’t like to much

Why it covers up the kitchen floor, till your wife she’ll sweep it up.

She’ll put away the broom then in despair, she’ll do it all again

Why it’s just that sort of stuff, you don’t wish to have around.

It’s dirty filthy rotten stuff that dust, that’s flying round.

Why it gets in your nostrils and makes it hard to breathe.

It gets in your mouth and makes your spit turn black.

Oh I’ll pray to you your lordship, and you know that’s mighty hard.

But if you could do a miracle, send it to someone else yard

Bill Williams

Neville Briggs
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Re: Flammin Dust Storm

Post by Neville Briggs » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:16 pm

Stop prayin' Bill !, It's all in my yard now !!!! :lol: um ..maybe it's
from the open cut coal mines. :roll:
Singleton Bush Poets.

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