and so they remembered

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william williams

and so they remembered

Post by william williams » Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:36 am

And so they Remembered ©

The cattle men knew him for many years as he moved in and out amongst those Coolabah trees.

But there were also other men that knew him, from years, long ago in the battle fields of Germany in winter when ground was minus ten.

And, there were some other men that knew him in Korea in a time when that ground was covered in ice and snow and he wrap his blanket around them and he shielded them with his ground sheet while the rain, came tumbling down, for they were his mates.

In Germany and Korea, though they were different places and at different times, things were not much different then.

This time, a grenade, last time a mortar bomb, but that awful painful damage was much the same for they were men, wounded, crying out in pain while he did his best to help his mates to ease that awful pain.

The pain, the cold, it was all that they all remembered during those war torn days.

And now he lay, there in that little bush hospital while all the old bush men gathered, and there amongst them, were men who had came from near and far.

Men, who were once, battle weary diggers from Germany and Korea.

They were men, men who knew both pain and cold. Men who remembered what he had done.

And this day, was the day that they all feared most as it hung heavy in their heart.

Twas the day that they would carry him to the cemetery, wrapped in his beloved army great coat to protect him from the cold.

Written By Bill Williams

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Re: and so they remembered

Post by mummsie » Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:09 am

May he rest in peace.
the door is always open, the kettles always on, my shoulders here to cry on, i'll not judge who's right or wrong.

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