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Re: Just for Kymmie

Post by Bob Pacey » Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:29 am

It seems I missed a party but I'm a newchum on the scene
I can only read the history and think what could have been,
Had I started poetry earlier and got in on the show
I can but close my eyes and dream of how the festivities would go.

A parties just a party that was then and this is now
though the faces might be different we are friends, time does allow
us to meet up face to face sometimes. if not, through cyber space
we send love across the airways to a dear mates smiling face.


Marty got up to do some po'ing but he was really drunk
and he musta stepped in horse dung cause his boots really stunk.
Bill was in the corner almost tottering off I'm told
but then that tends to happen when you get really old.


This party she's a beauty, it's really set the scene
her friends that's all around her know that she’s a queen
but that Pacey he's the devil, but his time is coming quick
Alas the devil's got his number, now he won't be quite so slick

The invitations have been sent out on the Internet
there’ll be some faces new and old and some have never met.
Bob said he will bring the rum – a good drop from St Helen’s
Kym will supply her forte – a plate of Jelly Melons.

Bill might know a bloke who knows a bloke who has a mate
who might be able to supply some sirloin for the plate.
Maus said she’d do hot dogs, but not Molly or Elly
she thought the colour red would complement our Kimmies jelly.


Oh Kymmie, I'm oh so sorry to inflict this mob on you.
It seems a comment made in jest was picked up by a few
and sent across the nation. On that 'webby' thing I guess.
They say that I'm the one to blame. Ok then I confess.

I just wanted to cheer you up, to let you know we care
but here they are, that motley mob, with gum leaves in their hair.
It doesn't take much to persuade, when one of us is down,
to come on over, cheer her up soon everyone's a clown.


Good on you Zondrae - that’s the shot, you filled the missing part
a clown’s exactly what we need to get a belly laugh
A clown with pink and yellow hair and just a touch of purple
IS Heather free I wonder or her alto ego Hurple?

A purple moderator who is nowhere to be seen
I'd try another colour perhaps a lighter shade of green.
If you think Kymmie would object it's the rough end that you've got
if anyones even mentions fun Kymmies in here like a shot !

Bp Bloody jelly melons one of your best Kym.

Well this party sounds a ripper, though a virtual affair
and I’m sure when she gets wind of it our Kymmie will be there
‘cause she never could resist the opportunity for fun
and if there are any spare seats, I’m in too, so save me one.


Well we better get this party started though we are a motley crew
Zondrae can set the programme cause she knows what to do.
Maureen will read some doggie poems or one on Ipswich town
The I'll chuck in some Bobby Millers they always wipe away ya frown.

I thought the Marties would have come they always like a drink
but put them in one room together and it might end up a stink.
Bill will read some stories about the good times he spent out west
and Leonies got a million poems, I like her funny ones the best.

The purpose in life is to have fun.
After you grasp that everything else seems insignificant !!!

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