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"Under Wide Skies" Jim Grahame.. Re-published

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:32 am
by Gary Harding
Jim Grahame's "Under Wide Skies" great bush poetry anthology has just been (deservedly) re-published.

The details of it are set out in the Bush Music Club's webpage, 28th August ... y-jim.html

Cost $30 + $12.50 P&P from Phillippa Hollenkamp

There is only one original copy of Jim's book currenly available on the net and that is for $380. It might be there for a while at that price.

So ...$42.50 for a re-print delivered to your door seems like an excellent deal if you are a fan or potential fan of Jim Grahame. (Lawson's mate)

Included on the above webpage is a book review. It read well until the last bit where the reviewer raised objection (her "small beef") to Jim (in 1947) entitling a poem The Men That Understand. "I would suggest that both women and men can enjoy Grahame's poetry" she petulantly states. Such a comment is a total nonsense of course when one sees it within the context of what Jim is trying to say in this poem.
Tut, tut, Jim.. go back and rewrite your book and change swagmen to swagwomen, drover to droveress, and shearer to sheareress... then come back and write 100 times, "I must not discriminate".

Clearly this reviewer is not one of "The Men ...err.. People ? Humans?.. That Understand". Never "carried a swag outback.." obviously.
Ah yes, today's political correctness fad, and its commissars.... why does it have to besmirch innocence and skilled poetry writing by raising its ugly head? Ah well..

Anyway, setting that silliness aside... I recommend this remarkable book together with the bush insights it offers to any lover of bush poetry... or anyone in fact! Many Thanks to those who re-published it.

It's fantastic. Worth every cent!

Re: "Under Wide Skies" Jim Grahame.. Re-published

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:49 pm
by Gary Harding
For anyone who takes an interest in the balladry of bush poet Jim Grahame, then here is something very nice from my Collection.

1. With great sincerity, Jim inscribes his book Under Wide Skies to Mrs. Varney Monk... in appreciation for her putting some of his verses to music. ... -294510282

It is also inscribed at the bottom by L. B. Marchant, who was the Chairman of the Citizens of Leeton District Testimonial Committee that published Jim's book. (This is copy No. 15 of 1000).

Like all these copies, there is an autographed portrait of Jim tipped-in as as a frontispiece.

2. Also for interest is a "Call of the Bush" book that Jim inscribed to Nurse Harrison at Leeton Hospital.

Both of these inscriptions have in common the fact that he is writing for people who have helped him; voluntarily done something for him from their hearts. He is returning their kindness.

While autographs are nice, I reckon they fade a bit when compared to heartfelt and personal inscriptions of genuine appreciation like this.

I think he is Leeton's greatest son.