Bush Poetry and Vintage Sheet Music

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Bush Poetry and Vintage Sheet Music

Post by Gary Harding » Tue Dec 18, 2018 6:22 am

An interesting discovery is that many of the poems of the great Bush Poets have been put to music.

Paterson, Dennis, Harrington, Lawson, O'Brien, Eden and several others.

Recently I purchased in one lot the Sheet Music collection of the late Jeff Prentice, a man who was well known for loving everything "bush". Hence the theme of his sheet music collection is Bush, and bush poets are featured. It contains many culturally significant rarities. You simply cannot get them.

Personally, I love vintage sheet music and feel it's something that people always relate to, whether for the social history, the covers, the music or the poetic lyrics. Hence a display of it will hopefully be undertaken.

It is mostly pre-1930 with some going back to 1900.
One has to be a bit selective because there is sheet music dealing with Old Australian Songs which is nice and a bit "folkie" but not especially bush ballad related. It is all likely steadily vanishing for collectors.

Mostly it is written for piano and as I am unable to "tickle the ivories" it has never actually come to life for me as music should, which is a bit sad. Would love to hear how some of it sounds.
When I think of the number of piles of old sheet music I have passed by over the years, one cannot help but wonder what treasures they might have held.
Anyway, they are something worth looking out for if you want to collect, and if you can play a piano... better still... you get pleasure both ways.
Attached example is of a very rare 1904 title "The Breaking Of The Drought"

Words by Bush Poet "Oriel", whose books I have. The front cover is a lovely chromolithographed design. 6pp. The rear cover has an ad for Massey-Harris Machinery Co.

Copies of this issue are recorded only in two Australian Collections. National Library of Australia and State Library of NSW.

Great stuff! now it's time to go open the bubbly and start celebrating Christmas... :) Merry Christmas to all fellow ABPA'ers
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