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Jeff Thorpe
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Post by Jeff Thorpe » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:39 pm


Jeff Thorpe © 16 June 2016

A million dollar balcony I called this space last year
but on fresh reflection that statement is untrue
now, on second visit, the vision becomes clear,
its value’s not a million, t’is more than likely two.

The outlook is breathtaking, sand, sea, sun and sky
all blending in harmony, a different scene each day,
one time sheer flamboyance, the next pastel shy,
a sight that’s hypnotising, the eyes never stray.

Jewels in the crown display at dawn and dusk,
one-eighty degree stage to witness each production,
and never is the show seen as being brusque,
the watchers entranced by this slow and sweet seduction.

Dawn and Sol is drowsily rising from his rest,
The barest hint of bloom introduced in the distance
that as the minutes pass sees Helios getting dressed
and warming to his task without assistance.

Cloud’s nooks and crannies are pin pricked with orange light,
signalling the advent of the sun,
then the huge cascade of colour left and right,
it’s all down to business, a new day has begun.

Around twelve hours later the procedure is reversed
as the sun clocks off and bids the day adieu,
a disparate performance each time but unrehearsed,
viewers spellbound by daily dose of something new.

And no way is the spectator ever disappointed
with the colourful display that fills the sky,
orange, scarlet, pink, grey and blue anointed
to salute the sun’s elaborate good bye.

This stay though has seen much more than solar play,
nature welcomed Winter with a massive hissy fit,
battering the balcony with gale force winds and spray,
huge waves plus king tides plundering the beach with every hit.

Not a place to be, the balcony on that day,
all witnessing the storm safe and dry inside,
yet, the act quite mesmerising, a wild rambunctious fray,
ringside rubber necking the traits of Mr Hyde.

A holiday that’s treasured from the sights and scenes on hand,
no need to jet or cruise around the earth,
I’ll take nature’s offerings with long walks on the sand
and feel that I’ve wholeheartedly got my money’s worth.

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