© Brenda Joy, 2010.

Winner 2011, 'Boree Log Award'  Fellowship of Australian Writers, Eastwood/Hills, NSW.

Where the surge of Oceana's mighty forces

gains its power through the winds Antartic born

as the waves that crash Ceduna's rugged coastline

curve the banks of sands by time and weather torn,

we anticipate our patriotic journey

into barren, treeless place where eagles reign,

for it's part of our Australian 'Right of Passage'

to be stirred to cross the Nullarbor's vast plain.

Wide horizon spreads its full expanse around us

punctuated by a single rocky crop

with the derelict remains of stone-walled homestead  

only sign of long forgotten wayside stop.

We are conscious of the breadth of our great country

as the steps of past explorers we retrace

with black ribbon highway making no impression

on the grandeur of this land's extensive space.

Reaching crags that sharply drop in regal splendour

it's as if the very edge of Earth is found.

Permeated with the glow of winter sunlight,

we can feel our heartbeats pulse to ocean's pound.

Where the southern whales give nurture to their new born

near the Bunda Cliffs that mark the Head of Bight,

where the shoreline cavalcades toward the distance,

we are constantly aware of Nature's might.

With the cries of sea-linked birds that pierce the seedbeds

navigating facets of façade so steep,

far below a playful family of dolphins

penetrates productive pleasures of the deep.

Through the phases of the cycles of the daylight,

from the soft embracing subtleness of dawn

to the clarity of edges cut by noon-light

to the radiance before the night is born.

All the while these cliffs of Bunda change their colours

from the pinks to rustic reds to glows of gold,

each rendition captivating in its splendour

as the layers of its variance unfold.

We absorb this sculptured spectacle around us.

It imbeds within our hearts forever more,

for the love of Nature's realm is overwhelming

where the Bundas skirt the Aussie Bight's great shore.

There are magic sites on earth where awe puts focus

on the marvels that Creation can unfold

and this age-old limestone region lies in waiting

like a slumbering giant carved from times untold.

Though we've left this pristine wilderness of beauty

where the sunlight blazes and the moonlight gleams,

we go forth transformed by reverential wonder,

whilst the ancient plain of Nullarbor just dreams.